Traveling to Madagascar is otherwise travel with confidence.

Madagascar is the fourth biggest Island of the World, situated between Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. It is a land of an extraordinary cultural richness, also a real sanctuary of the Nature. It remains one of the richest areas in terms of biodiversity on the planet.

Throughout your trip, it is a succession of faces, fineries, many traditions that offer themselves to you through the multiple meetings with the various ethnic groups

These faunas and floras such pride themselves are proud in luxurious landscapes, primary forests to mountains, plantations on hillsides..

It is necessary to know that Madagascar possesses two seasons: a hot, rainy season from November to April and a dry season and a little cold from May till October. The best season to visit is definitely the dry season, although temperatures are a little bit fresh at night and morning. With a preference for inter-seasons are the months of May-June and back in September-October season, periods when we take advantage of the most pleasant weather.

You should not imagine a tour of Madagascar within few days, the island contains a wealth that years would not be enough to discover. There are so many things to see on the island which is necessary to organize in advance so that you will not miss the most important.

You will be our guests to discover the nature of 5stars of the Big Island by choosing among our classics tours from North to South and East to West. Depending on your preferences, we create and organize custom trips or unique products, individually or in groups by adding our experience.

We promise you to do our best for make you trip to Madagascar unforgettable.





You will be our guests to discover the nature of 5stars of Madagascar



We tailor our suggestions for accommodation according to your budget. Our team is there for helping you !!



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The reason for being of the JR TOURS, since its creation, is to provide quality services in complete safety.

JR TOURS, in the exercise of its activities covers the whole territory

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This is a welcome service, formalities and protocol assistance for everyone arriving / departing to / from Madagascar airport and wishing, for various reasons to be exempt from the inconveniences caused by long lines and delays at airports during the formalities of input-output on the territory.

Our suggestions

This trip consists in discovering green parks of eastern Madagascar, meeting lemurs and various species of animals which elected shelters there, enjoying the sun and beach “island of whales” to Sainte Marie.

The West of Madagascar abounds of richness culturally and wild plan. This trip is suitable to every people wishing to explore the wonderfully flora and fauna.

It will a week of discovery combining nature and culture: the beauty of the biodiversity with their forests and its Tsingy, fauna and flora, the deserted beaches, the ritual and the tradition cultures of the local population.

Coming to Madagascar without crossing the Tropic of Capricorn, is to travel without knowing the main part!! The National Road 7, one of the essential attractions of the destination “Madagascar.”

Our Vehicles

  • Rental car with a driver-guide experimented throughout the island
  • Rental car with a driver-guide experimented throughout the island
  • Rental car with a driver-guide experimented throughout the island